Roxana Marica

Roxana Marica

Europe,Caribbean, Family & Group Travel Specialist

"I love the experience of traveling and connecting with new cultures, cuisines, and ideas. I cherish every sight and event while traveling, and I always wanted to help others enjoy the same great moments.

I moved to Canada from Romania 10 years ago, and I currently live with my family in Ontario. I eventually opened my own company so I could directly connect with my clients and create the best vacations imaginable!

Today, I specialize in European vacations for families, couples, and groups. I love helping families explore new places with their kids, and with years of traveling with my own children, I know how to ensure everyone has a great and relaxing time. I have experience with many exciting destinations including:
•And more!

Along with Europe, I also book trips to sunny destinations in the Caribbean and beyond. I believe that vacations are essential for a healthy mind and body, and nothing beats relaxing on a sunny beach in the Caribbean!

I help my clients discover the best architecture, art, and scenery anywhere they go. I will listen to you and prepare an itinerary based on your interests and at your own desired pace. I will remove the stress from planning and traveling so you can focus on what excites you the most. Depending on your interests, I can help you find great shops in European cities, tranquil hikes in the Caribbean, or exciting festivals around the world. I want your itinerary to inspire you, and I will help you create the perfect experience tailored just for you.

I will research your destination and provide you with unique tips so you can get the most out of your vacation. I give my full attention to each itinerary and am always available to answer your questions or provide assistance. Whether you want to learn about a local museum or wish to add time to your stay, I will be happy to help!

I want to make every vacation a dream come true. With years of experience and a passion for traveling, I’m ready to book your next vacation today!"

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